18 Meters Double Sailboat Zero Sail High-tech Products

- May 18, 2017-

18-meter concept sailboat Zero Sail allows ten guests to spend three weeks at sea, using new technology and unique structure, it can provide a sporty user experience, and throughout its life cycle to achieve sustainable development. Although designed as a rental yacht, her experience and comfort can be compared with the boat.

Thanks to alternative materials and zero-emission energy management systems, Zero Sail is focused on sustainability. This innovative catamaran to light aluminum to create three-dimensional frame, the surface covered with high-strength polycarbonate. The rudder station is located in front of the yacht and provides a better view and global control for the captain.

The living area is located in the back, where the style is bright and the viewing experience is good. In many high-performance racing boats can see the wing sail by the computer control, to prevent sailing and other emergencies. The wavy hull makes the catamaran ship more stable and has better performance in a dangerous sea.

Zero Sail's large-capacity fuel tanks and buffered battery packs can be supplied for two weeks by sea through the storage of hydrogen and the chemical reactions of oxygen in the air. In addition to the basic performance of the sailboat, the electric power boat generators can also charge the battery pack.