How To Choose Yachts

- May 18, 2017-

The basic rules of the yacht, first of all from the use of purpose, occasion, waters, personal hobbies to consider the four aspects.

1, the purpose can be divided into leisure, fishing and water sports in three directions.

Leisure: If the party and business use more, should choose Cruising boats. This category is also divided into suitable for daytime play and provide cabin overnight function.

Fishing: The use of fishing boats is very clear, with as much deck space as possible for fishing. This type of yacht cab is usually a convertible and is located at the end of the boat. Will be fishing and overnight can choose a large cabin fishing boat.

Water sports: water sports boats as the name suggests is designed for people like a variety of water sports, such as water skiing and surfboard design, common bowrider, sportboat, jet boat. Water sports boat is more complex, need to experience the water sports enthusiasts can operate.

2, in what occasion also affect the use of yacht purchase.

If the park party, the requirements of the yacht to the largest number of guests.

Short-term offshore need to consider the yacht's internal space and the amount of passengers.

Long-term off-shore driving and overnight conditions are more responsible, to take into account the yacht's space, shop, water and food reserves, oil, battery life, recreational facilities.

3, in what waters to use, the requirements of the yacht is also different.

If you use yachts in freshwater lakes, it's best to choose a small boat with a shallow draft and a slower speed.

If used at sea, you should choose the seawater series of yachts, engines, propellers, hull design should be matched.

4, field operation, personal experience is the most direct feelings.

In the course of the actual operation, from the following aspects to confirm whether the yacht is your most ideal choice: the ideal cruising speed; will not make people feel uncomfortable noise; comfortable operating bridge; good engine; space is large enough Lockers.