Kayak Classification

- May 18, 2017 -

Fancy boat

Canoeing is an emerging sport in canoeing, Canada, in 1999

Fancy boat RIOT KAYAK 100 way kayaking company designed the first modern fancy boat Disco. Fancy a small boat shaped canoe, small volume, short length, suitable for artistic movements, the general length is about 175gal - 210cm, 41gal - in the volume of about 60gal, because the length and volume relationship, comparison is not recommended brought under the river.

The type of fancy canoe, when subdivided, can be roughly divided into two. One is Cartwheel base, the other is Aerial base Cartwheel base fancy boat, usually bow and stern design are flat.

It is easy to put the stern bow into the water, suitable for bow stall, stern stall and cartweeel, please refer to fancy action movie. Because relatively easy insertion of water so it is fore-and-aft instability, need to have good handling skills.

white Water kayak

Larger body size, suitable for lower or short stream exploration, suitable for length changes in terrain.


In general the length of about 220cm rapids boat - 300cm, 65gal - 80gal. in the volume of about Whitewater boat has been divided into two types of river running, another creeking, usually running volume River torrent boat around 65gal, suitable for 3+ in the waters below, while the Creeking stream boat volume is about 74-85gal, 4 above the level of the waters and the ultimate challenge strongly recommend the use of Creeking stream boat

sea kayak

The boat is slender, usually 4 meters above, with tail rudder, easy to control direction, suitable for long distance travel

Short boat in the ocean boat, large and smooth hull, suitable for novice travel short distance

Platform canoes are mostly used for recreation, and many surf boats are platform boats

The utility model relates to a recreational boat designed for fishing lovers, which adds a fishing rack, a bait box, an anchor frame, etc.

Fishing boats, 5 canoes, sub events editing, rowing, canoeing are divided into two major categories: speed race and rapids slalom. The speed race takes place in the still water while the slalom race takes place in the moving waters.