Low angle touring paddle-give you comfortable, light, and quiet paddle

- Dec 28, 2017 -


Basic Info

  • Type: Paddle

  • Colour: Black, Red or Blue

  • Trademark: Stellar

  • Origin: Zhejiang

  • Usage: Fishing, Drifting, Racing

Product Description

Blade Length: 20 inch

Blade Area: 103 inch2

Blade Width: 5.5 inch

Full Paddle Weight and Construction: 


Paddle Weight: 27oz

Stiff Foam Cored Blade and Smooth Woven Carbon Shaft


Paddle weight:30 oz

Stiff Foam Cored Blade and Smooth Carbon Shaft


Paddle weight: 33oz

Durable Dyed Fiberglass Blade and Black Fiberglass Shaft

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