Racing Kayak

- Jan 23, 2018-

Racing Kayaks


There are a lot of different kinds of racing kayaks, but almost all have the characteristic of being fast. There are several things that contribute to speed. One factor is its length. Longer boats can go faster than shorter boats. The other big factor in speed is "wetted surface area" or how much surface area is in the water. The more surface there is, the more friction there will be and the slower the boat will go.  Therefore, most racing kayaks you see will be as long and narrow as they can get away with. The other consideration in a racing boat is stroke mechanics,  In order to go fast, the person paddling a kayak needs to be strong and have good technique. The design of the boat will often include features that help the motor maintain a good and strong paddle stroke. So the cockpit should let the paddler move as needed to paddle with full power. This often means the boat is quite narrower in front of the cockpit for a clean start of the stroke. The cockpit may be long to permit the paddlers legs to move.

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