The Difference Between Rowing And Kayaking

- May 18, 2017-

Rowing and canoeing belong to a trend of water sports, and there are paddle set. What are the differences between the rowing and the kayak in setting up the game?


Rowing is the use of paddles and paddles as a tool for water, so that boats continue to move forward. Several paddles on the boat use their own power to push the paddle backwards so that the boat is moving forward. The rowing of the rowing is generally carried out in the natural waters, and the taste of the sun can be felt in the rivers and lakes, which can improve the human respiratory function. In the movement of people's power has been the greatest play, is conducive to human health, and can improve the mental state.


The kayak is a paddler sitting on a characteristic kayak using a paddle to drive the boat to keep moving. Canoeing includes two kinds of kayak and rowing, both in shape are small tip. The two boats in the ship's structure and the shape of the paddle and paddle pitch and technical action there are different. In the kayak race project is divided into still water project and rapids roundabout project competition, the two kinds of track performance is completely different feelings are also different.

Rowing and canoeing as a kind of water sports, but also by the majority of sports enthusiasts, the sport a good exercise of the body, to promote the human respiratory system, but also to improve the mental state