The Origin Of Kayaks

- May 18, 2017 -

kayaks, canoeing and canoeing two events. A boat kayak originated from the Greenland Eskimos produced, the marine otter skin, whale bag in the skeleton, with the paddle blade at both ends. Canoes originated in Canada, so they were called Canadian canoes. In fact, the two boats evolved from canoes, so some countries in Southeast Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Korea, Hongkong and Macao, called canoes "canoes".

Modern canoeing - canoeing is the beginning of 1865, the Scottish Mcgregor in the dugout for a generic blueprint, called "nuobu, Noida, boat, 4.57 meters long, 0.76 meters wide, weighing 30 kilograms. Mcgregor from 1865 to 1867 boat tour of France, Germany, Sweden and other European countries, written "nuobu, Nuoyi Trinidad" one book, which actively promote the canoeing. In 1867, he founded the Royal Canoe Club of England and held its first canoeing competition.

Canoeing development:

In the process of kayaking, many people in order to improve the speed and enthusiasm for the transformation of boat shaped. At the end of nineteenth Century the German engineer Herman according to his flying experience, will create a kayak fish, and increased speed. Later, the British made boat home Fronde found the longer hull resistance is smaller, faster, so the shipbuilders have extended hull. In 1923, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and other countries formed a working committee, the provisions of the boats the length of 5.2 meters, width of 51 cm, which are still in use.