What Equipment Is Required For The Kayak Movement

- May 18, 2017-

In kayaking has become a fashion movement in the process, kayaking has gradually for people like. People who like kayaking are also increasing. There are two types of kayak races, each of which is different in experience, and on the hydrostatic track it gives a brisk glide, and on the jet race it brings a Stimulated.

There are a lot of ancillary equipment in the kayak race are needed to match the canoe to race, what is the auxiliary equipment, and what is the role of these equipment?

First of all, we talk about a kayak in the kayak is called a rudder stock, rudder stock this auxiliary equipment is mainly used for hydrostatic track competition, athletes can use it in the control kayak speed, in the game Athletes in the cabin, the use of the foot to the handle of the toggle to grasp the direction of the kayak. Fast forward, kayak speed can reach five meters per second. Second, in the kayak in the general with pedal, sitting, etc., these equipment is mainly to provide athletes with a space for activities.

Secondly, in the rapids on the track and the hydrostatic track on the auxiliary equipment used is not the same, according to the properties of these two tracks to analyze. In the rapids on the track it has the equipment in the specifications are still the same weight, single boat and double boat requirements are not the same. Kayak and rowing, it belongs to a covered boat, while the rowing requires the athlete to kneel in the cabin to slide.

There are many precautions about kayaks and rowing in the canoeing movement. After understanding the kayaking knowledge, it is a more profound understanding of the canoeing operation.